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Clan History

On the 12th of December 2015 Kingz was founded by Hunterz. It was fun for Hunterz creating a gang that later on formed into a clan, Kingz was first formed on a sever called Littlewhiteys were Hunterz start recruiting members and managed to take the clan to a whole new level. Hunterz got members and made the clan a success. Kingz is growing up and will keep growing to become the best.
The Clan was formed in Littlewhitey's and consisted of Very skilled players in clan. When any member believes that another member has violated a regulation, we begin the disciplinary process by submitting a Procedures for Violation Form. This form includes a variety of information about the allegation including the violation, the version of the accused, and members present or other witnesses. If the member is found to be guilty of the violation at their Crown hearing, they may be subject to a range of penalties depending on the severity of the offense will be Kicked.
We will continue to grow and be crowned like Kingz

Clan Introduction


Our Loyal members 

Legends are those who made it to the end of their gaming times as [K]ingz